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Managing parking areas for accessibility, security and availability. Yet the benefits of RFID go beyond security.

Part of the problem is that the technology casino gambling rfid expensive. Armed with all kinds of data, RFID systems could analyze game activity against statistical models and alert management of a suspicious winning streak. Additionally, StarWorld is fasino in the process of installing Magellan readers at gaming tables to verify the value of chips while still in play. Managing parking areas for accessibility, security and availability. According to Frost, this solution may also be marketed for other applications, such as item-level rfi RFID tagging. Nothing on this website is intended to solicit business of any kind for a writer's business or fund. Steve Allen Stockbyte Getty Images.

The Technologies Casinos Use to Catch Cheaters. RFID Chips. by Thor Jensen. You'd think a chip would just be a simple little piece of plastic, but considering. If the gambling industry reaps the benefits of electronically tagging its chips, the world's central banks could follow with their banknotes. What is the current state of the art in RFID casino chips? about the current usage of RFID (Radio Frequency ID) technology inside casinos.